Reroofing ​

Replacing your roof is not a task you do on a regular basis as a rule. The roof and the components that make up your roof are of great importance to the building as a whole. The roof must be assembled correctly or the cost of new materials is a waste as they will fail to do the job intended. That is... keeping the building healthy- Dry, with Adequate ventilation and with strength to withstand the winds rain and snowload without failing to protect. These components are standard but vary in quantity from building to building. 


The first thing we see when we look at any roof are the shingles. This is the protective layer that has to perform in the Sun, Wind, and Rain through extremely Hot and Extremely Cold temperatures.  And it must retain the colors and shapes originally chosen for many years to please the purchaser. 


Sheathing or Decking= the base layer of your roof .  For a quality installation of any shingled roof you must have a solid base.  Some are Plywood sheets some are OSB. It is of great importnce to the functionality of the roof that this component is sound and properly installed. We rarely work below this layer of roofing in our day to day operations. This is where our job begins and ends. 


Underlayment is installed on top of the Sheathing or Deck. Underlayment is the first step of waterproofing the roof. Properly applied the underlayment itself will protect the building for  a limited time from water snow wind and rain.  There are a variety of different underlayments with differing levels of protection to be applied in areas of the roof to maximize the protection provided and meet the area codes meeting the area weather conditions. 

Drip Edge, Flashing

Only last on this page not last in importance. the Drip Edge and Flashings are installed specific to the building. Flashing is installed along walls and chimneys to shed the water away from these structures and keep the building healthy dry and in good shape.  Any protrusions on the roof must have the proper flashing and seal to prevent failure of all or part of the roofing to protect the building. As with all  other components that make up a roofing system improper installation can result in failure and cost more than the new materials  in the long run.


Cover it All with a DeFoe Roof

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