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Give us a call We will not charge you to come and see what it will take to repair or replace your roof.

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Cover it All with a 

DeFoe Roof!!




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Damaged or Leaking?  We do Repairs.

Stopping the water intrusion into your house will stop the rising cost of any repairs you may need.

Once there is a leak you can see from the inside you may have had a leak for longer than you thought.

It is always best to stop any  moisture from building up in your structure it will only damage the parts that make up the whole.  

Broken or leaking vents and pipejacks can cause big leaks inside your home

Licensed  and Insured

Quality work Insured and Inspected Giving you peace of mind we will be here to stand behind our work.


We buy the Permit. We call the inspection. You get the quality of work that is expected not just by you as the owner of the property but by the Municipality your property is in.  Adding Curb appeal and value to your property.  Resale is easier when you can verify the work done to your building was not only nice to look at, But the Labor and Materials have Quality Warranties to back the work up. Also any older buildings will have been brought up to current building codes standards. 

We are fully covered by workmans comp. and have Liabity insurance for all our roofing!!

Ask Us about our 5 year Labor Warranty with New Roof   303-857-6308

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