Reroof Proposal-Contract

 Since Every roof is different and every gutter system is different, every time we replace a roof there are different components to be removed and installed. This is where we put our plan for your roofing needs in writing.  


All necessary information is noted on the proposal and it becomes the workorder for the crew. 


Single page.  Contract..  

usually contains information concerning: Roof Shingle Manufacturer, Pipe Jacks- Air Vents- Heater Tops- Flashing- underlayment-Modified roofing.etc... 


Any Questions about your new roof can be answered by referring to this page.


Call Number- Date- Log Book, in the upper right hand corner are all specific to each job and are the information to provide when a question arises. We keep our records and are here to help. just call 303-857-6308. If we are on a roof please leave a detailed message and 

we will contact you asap. 


You can contact us here from the website at the request estimate page. not just for estimates write us anytime.


Thank You for taking the time to learn more about DeFoe Roofing, Inc. 





              Hail Damage!

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