Additional Services that help make us Your Roofing Company

DeFoe Roofing Inc. Has been serving the Northern Colorado Area for quite a while and Many People think of Rodney as their Roofer. Many Homeowners and Business owners have come to rely on DeFoe Roofing Inc. to be there simply because Rodney has been there for them over many years and if a problem arises he dosen't shirk from addressing and correcting. The warrantys are honored we keep the information on your roof for many years to serve you our best asset our Customers.

  • Our Gutters are 5" seamless metal made to length on site.

  • Many colors are available.

  • Aluminum gutters will not rust.

  • Steel gutters withstand the Hail and day to day knocks and bumps better.

  • Installed to serve your needs of proper drainage of roof and adequate placement of Drain spout and kick outs.

Roofing Certificate

When Buying or Selling a Home having a Qualified roof inspector can give you peace of mind about the condition of the roof and the roof components. In addition to the inspection we will provide for a fee of $350.00 a Warranty to insure that we do find the roof in good condition and It will most likely be trouble free for the next 5 Years.   If the roof is in need of repairs we can and will be able to help and correct any problems  to then provide the assurance of a leak free roof in good condition.

Sometimes all you need is a shingle replaced or a seal to stop a leak.  or some wire to keep the critters out...

Keeping your roof together and watertight  and trouble free is our business. 

A repair here and there really helps the whole roof to keep doing the job of protecting your building and delaying the cost of total replacement.






We do not charge to come out and take a  look  to see what is needed.

Feel free to give us a call we will be there as quickly as we can to 

take care. And as Always.. Your personal information is never shared with others.

Please if you have a DeFoe Roof on your Home or Building...Review Us at the link above....   Or if we have given you one of our always Free Estimates click on the link above and let us know how we can improve. And Thank You for your Time and Consideration.

Ask Us About our Five Year Labor Warranty with a New Roof.

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