Cover it All with a DeFoe Roof

 Experienced Roofer of 50 yrs

We specialize in Re-Roofing existing roofs. Roof maintenance and Roof Certificates Throughout the Nothern area of,        


Asphalt Roofing-Modified Roofing-Inspection of Roofing-Repairs and Replacement-Roofing Certificates-Gutters

House for Sale? We may be able to help with the roof certification.

Our Roof Certification is a low fee of $350.00 !

Licensed and Insured

Asphalt Shingles Many colors available

Ask Us About our Five Year Labor Warranty with a New Roof.           303-857-6308

Preparing for Winter? Now is a great time to check for broken seals and repair gutters, So you do not have Ice Dams or leaking over the snowy days. The time is right to take a look- see.  Small repairs save $. 

 Residential Asphalt Roofs-Modified Roofs- Inspect & Certify- Repair


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